April 2024

The tulips which we planted last Autumn are putting on a beautiful show in the borders.

March / April 2024

 Some of our wonderful volunteers have been working hard to clear the rockery near the gate into Purley Beeches, which is looking much improved.

March 2024

A lot of work has been done to clear and tidy the lavender area at the top of the garden, which is looking immeasurably better.

November 2023

We have purchased a hedge trimmer to help us keep the hedges and shrubs trimmed in future.

November 2023

Once again, we are very grateful to Charles Stanley and Company Limited for their generous donation to support the Friends' work.

October / November 2023

We have been taking huge steps forward in the horseshoe bed. The front right bed has been throughly dug and the plants split and rearranged with some work done on the rest of the horseshoe bed. We have also planted more bulbs, mostly tulips. A replacement hedge has been planted along the path to the right hand side of the lawn, where there used to be a dead box hedge. And two of our Friends have done a fantastic job giving the forsythia and some of the other shrubs a really thorough prune.  We are looking forward to seeing the results next Spring and Summer.

August 2023

Our new bin, which was kindly paid for by one of our Friends,  has arrived. This should solve the ongoing problems of overflowing waste.

August 2023

The Friends enjoyed socialising and not working at our Summer picnic.

July 2023

We have at last managed to start clearing the weeds from the lavender area at the top of the garden - real progress!

June 2023

The Sanderstead Horticultural Society held their very enjoyable Summer Show in the Garden. We found 8 new members, as well as enjoying the Show, band and cake.

June 2023

Green Thumb extremely kindly agreed at the beginning of 2023 to provide a full set of treatments for the lawns in the rose garden without charge. The rose garden lawns are now looking fantastic and Green Thumb have put up a sign. Many thanks also to our volunteers who have been cutting the grass and maintaining the edges.

March 2023

We have resumed our leaflet drops across local roads and plan to continue steadily building our membership over the year. 

March 2023

At last, the Council have cut the hedges, which look super!

November 2022

We are very grateful to Charles Stanley and Company Ltd and to Robert Leech Estate Agents Ltd for their generous donations in support of the Friends' work.

October 2022

The Friends have planted a selection of daffodils and crocuses in the horseshoe bed.

September / October 2022

We have carried out a leaflet drop across many local roads seeking new Friends for the Garden.

July 2022

The Wettern family returned to the Garden for their annual reunion and picnic. They continue to be very fond of the Garden and appreciate the work of the Friends. Some of the Friends joined the picnic for an enjoyable social occasion.

June 2022

The Garden was transformed as the Sanderstead Horticultural Society held their successful summer show. We were there with a stall and were delighted to meet several new Friends.

May 2022

Since grass cutting by the Council has been limited, we purchased a lawnmower, so that we can keep the grass in the formal areas in a better state.